We are a Strategy and branding agency, with sustainable DNA.

Our promise?

Passion and Creativity.

Solutions for long-term wellbeing of humans.

Kiesing Human Brands | missão | Estratégia e Branding Digital

What moves us

Humanizing Brands

Sustainable economies.

Nature, equality and justice.

The strength of a long-term strategy.

The entrepreneurial spirit of our clients.

The power of empathic, transparent and coherent communication.

The way we develop and position products and services – from human to human to planet – will transform the social impact of your brand.

Based on the Human Brand Model, by Sivan Portal et al, we help to create brands with values and sustainable purpuse, emotions and personality. That connect with their customers as citizens. That communicate products for ecological and social change.

We believe that citizens, brands and companies will the the champions for social and climate change.

The potential to save our future lays in human hearts, minds, and behaviours.


Humans are more and more reactive to brands stories and doings.


We can guide your brand to a more sustainable future.

Our clients

Strategy, Human Brands, Digital Marketing

Client words

Strategy, Human Brands, Digital Marketing


As a consultant, she supported me in a very special moment of my life - my debut as an entrepreneur. I feel that it gave me confidence, helped me to outline paths and challenged me to live new and different experiences.

Claúdia Moitas Founder


When working with Tânia's team there is a real partnership. With her vision and professionalism she has helped us a lot so that our customers have more confidence in the name of Auren.

Victor Ladeiro Partner

Bebé Gourmet

Nowadays, at Bebé Gourmet, we believe that having a good digital positioning is fundamental.Because as the old saying goes ... "Whoever is not seen, is not remembered". With this objective in mind, we requested a brand diagnosis, in which one of the items addressed was precisely the Company's Digital Positioning. It exceeded all our expectations and, therefore, our big thanks to Kiesing Consulting as it proved to be fundamental for the development of a digital strategy, allowing us to obtain great results following the implementation of your suggestions.

Gonçalo Lisboa Marketing & Communication


The help was very enriching, digital positioning is an area that we do not master, and its analysis and explanation made our path easier. Thank you both for your work, help and inspiration!

Ana Gonçalves Founder

Marau Engenharia

Great team and great help to structure the contents of our website. We only had to meet 2 times, once to explain what we wanted, once to approve the texts!

Daniel Duarte Owner


We want to thank you for all the learning gained through your company's dedication and professionalism. Thanks again for the availability!

José Bairros Founder

Las Duenas

The digital marketing mentoring is great! It has helped a lot in the construction of our digital brand! Thank you!

Ana Gomes Owner

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