Kiesing Human Brands

Kiesing Human Brands | a nossa história | Estratégia e Branding Digital

Our story

Once upon a time there was a girl who was born in Luanda, she loved to read and wanted to be a psychologist. In the twists of her life, she started out as an economist, but destiny, wise, took her to the communication consultancy. 14 years and dozens of countries later, dedicate themselves exclusively to digital marketing, more specifically to the co-creation of brands. Kiesing- digital for Humans was born, a personalized digital communication consultancy service for SMEs.
For 4 years, Kiesing has grown, won customers, co-created projects, expanded the partner network, solidified the team.
An offer that was only centered on Makiese Areias, became the work of many, with a team capable of responding to the increasingly broad needs of the company. In 2020, more purpose, more focus, new positioning. Kiesing assumes itself as Kiesing Human Brands Inc., a communication agency, 100% dedicated to its vocation of human and emotional marketing. Are we going to work together, and bring more humanity and success to your brand?
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